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Call Us For Enquiries: 02423-255580 Stay Connected:

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State-of-the art-technology ensures that each scoop is dense, rich and filling, with no extra air or ice-flakes. Special care is taken during packaging, storing, transit and delivery so that consistency in quality is maintained.

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Make your next party memorable with something everybody loves: Classic Ice Cream! Did you know we cater large and small events with our delicious ice cream, cakes, Mini-Novelties and more? Make your next party memorable! Treat your family and friends to the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience with ice cream catering from Classic Ice Cream..

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Classic Belief In

Producing Healthy Ice-Cream

Classic Ice Creams contains only the best ingredients, be it cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio chocolate or fresh fruits. Great pains are taken to find the finest ingredients from around the globe.

Belief in Greatness

We believe that we are capable of demonstrating ‘Greatness’ in everything we do and that Personal & Professional Integrity, Ethical Conduct, Respect and Understanding for all, are extremely important aspects of the overall ‘Greatness’ in which we believe.

Belief in Happiness & Joy

We believe that being happy and helping all employees be happy is paramount to achieving ‘Greatness’ in everything we do. We believe that our individual happiness is inextricably tied to customer happiness.

Belief in Safety & Sustainability

We believe in producing and selling products that are safe & healthy for human consumption, in a manner that demonstrates greatest concern for health & safety of all life forms and for safety and sustainability of nature and our environment.